Meg frampton and nick dating

They recruited drummer Nicholas Price, and later guitarist Kenji Chan in 2005.

Nick was Meg's car mechanic after she was involved in a minor car accident (which also is the result of the name for the EP What Is It? After Nick joined, Meg and Dia found bassist Ryan Groskreuetz.

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She became really focused on her voice and began singing little country ditties at local county fairs and retirement centers.

I started out playing whatever was on the radio or whatever happened to be in my buddies' CD player.

Before disbanding, they were signed under the name Dia Frampton to Universal Republic.

Meg received a karaoke machine and Dia received a guitar as a Christmas gift.

“For Christmas when we were kids, ironically Dia got the guitar and I got the karaoke machine.

We quickly learned, however, what we were natural at and destined to become.

A Fender Bender, on both i Tunes and the Tower Records website in July 2006. A Fender Bender featured "Monster" and "Indiana", and would also be part of their upcoming album.

That album was soon-after released on August 8, 2006.

Of course my parents, being the supportive and loving caretakers they are, showered me with much undeserved praise and encouraged me to keep writing.

My sister and I heeded their advice and began writing and playing original songs together." – Meg Meg & Dia self-released their debut album, Our Home Is Gone, in 2005.

The songs "Nineteen Stars" and "Indiana" were included on the Frampton sisters' next album, Something Real.

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