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Recently, executive producer Harry Bring suggested the CBS TV series has been renewed for a 14th season.

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He graduated from the New York Tisch School of Arts and also attended the University of California. He is best known for his role in the CBS TV show Criminal Minds.

He is also quite famous for his appearances in films like 500 Days of Summer, Life After Beth etc.

He has a healthy weight of 82 kg which suits his tall height.

His cute looks and hot body are admired by his female fans.

He is still friend with Dennings with whom he has even done a movie together.

Matthew is still looking for a girlfriend who is worthy of becoming his wife. He has won million hearts with his gay and charming nature and bold looks.His shirtless pictures are very famous among his fans.His separate feature includes hazel color eyes and golden silky hair. He is quite active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.As a painter, he has posted the snaps of his painting online on his official website Matthew seems to be single now and it is believed that Matthew is not engaged or married yet.However, he is great in maintaining his relationship with his ex-girlfriends."I have nothing — nothing worth showing here, anyway, for sure.""Can I see it anyway? Like, ' Ohh.' Like you would be like this: I'd be like, ' Oh, here! "I'll open the window and I'll hold something out and I'll look away, and you (look) from here, and then I'll give it like, 'one-one-hundred, two,' like, four beats.""OK," I said, which is how he came to be shouting down at me from a second-story window covered in vines, holding out his paintings and counting to four or five before he pulled them back inside.

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