Mary elizabeth winstead is dating

Quentin Tarantino cast her as a well-intentioned but vapid and naïve actress in Death Proof, his high-speed segment of the double–feature exploitation horror Grindhouse.

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You know, your body has to stay that way for your entire life, and it's pretty hard on your muscles and your bones".

After her brief performance in that show, Winstead began making appearances in various television series and earned guest roles in Touched by an Angel and Promised Land.

co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead in London over the weekend, sources confirmed that his 22-year marriage to production designer Eve Mavrakis has been over for several months.

On Sunday, British tabloid published a series of photos showing Mc Gregor and Winstead, who play an engaged couple on the FX show, getting close and sharing a "passionate smooch" at a London café.

She gained her first major role as Jessica Bennett in the NBC soap opera Passions, from 1999 to 2000. In 2004, Winstead played a supporting role in MTV's made-for-television film Monster Island.

She left to pursue other interests, later stating, "I really had one of the smallest roles on Passions, so I didn't get too involved... She was offered a role in the film A Cinderella Story, but turned it down as she had just graduated from school and was going on a cruise with friends (where she met Riley Stearns, her future husband).

She came to wider attention as a Scream Queen for her roles in the horror series Wolf Lake (2001–2002), the giant monster film Monster Island (2004), the supernatural horror film Final Destination 3 (2006), the slasher film Black Christmas (2006) and the exploitation horror film Death Proof (2007).

Further success came with her roles as John Mc Clane's daughter Lucy Gennero-Mc Clane in Live Free or Die Hard (2007) and Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs. Her critically-acclaimed performance as Kate Hannah, an alcoholic struggling with sobriety in the Sundance drama Smashed (2012) was followed by a line of roles in other well-received independent films, including The Beauty Inside (2012), The Spectacular Now (2013), Faults (2014), Alex of Venice (2014) and Swiss Army Man (2016).

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (born November 28, 1984) is an American actress and singer.

Her first significant role came as Jessica Bennett on the NBC soap opera Passions (1999–2000) and she went on to appear in TV series such as Tru Calling (2004) and films including the superhero comedy Sky High (2005).

Those lives have been full of every emotion imaginable and we've embraced it all. While we will still be in each other's lives we will no longer be living those lives together. Winstead and Mc Gregor played an ex-con and probation officer, respectively, who end up engaged on the third season of anthology series in August, "I loved it.

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