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The 34-year-old entrepreneur created the popular dating app for women with her two sisters back in 2012, using just ,000 of their money.Five years later, the app has facilitated 100,000 relationships, and even garnered a million buyout offer from billionaire Mark Cuban on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” which the sisters turned down. As a woman in the California tech vortex, Kang faced tough competition.The detail information and biography of Valley is available in imdb and Wikipedia.

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She tells Moneyish she set out to create “the best dating app for women” — and achieved that, in part, via a unique algorithm that other apps don’t have that matches candidates based off their personality and other traits.

She says working with and watching her family work also helped.

He also appeared on Fringe, as FBI agent John Scott.

Valley played the lead in Fox's drama Human Target in 2008. Alongside, he also co-started Delany in her short-lived series Pasadena in 2001.

In December 2008, Mark Valley married with anna torv. Mark ex-wife Anna Charmichael Torv is an Australian actress.

She is best known for her role as FBI agent Olivia Dunham on the Fox television series Fringe (2008–2013).

“We need more representation, and I’m not even talking about just women…

Placing yourself in a diverse community where everyone is represented, that’s like the only way you can bring true equality.” © 2018 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

“What I got out of it is that sometimes you have to make difficult choices for the greater good of the company. A lot of them came back later after the business recovered,” but Kang still remembers that lesson clearly.

Kang now hopes that her success can help change the face of Silicon Valley.

anna torv cut the relationship with Mark Valley before they celebrate their second year anniversary.

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