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What happens next is formatively important, and in most parent/child relationships this response occurs some of the time.

This emotional extortion works when the parent feels, "I can't stand the loneliness when my child acts like there's no caring for our relationship."If a parent is sensitive to intimidation, the teenager may express EXPLOSIVENESS, loudly talking or acting like he's going to lose physical control and threaten harm to soften the mother or father up.

This emotional extortion works when the parent feels, "I can't stand being frightened of getting hurt."To discourage these manipulations, parents must refuse to play along with the extortion.

Instead, he responds by asking a cynical question: "What do you want this time?

" That's one consequence of emotional extortion; it can discredit the value of honest feeling.

More often, boys tend to start the violence and use greater force.

The rate of dating violence among 11th graders is nearly 13%, according to a recent survey of California high school students.

For example, the tired parent comes home at the end of the day and the teenager, genuinely wanting to express her love through an act of consideration, has the evening meal all prepared.

But the parent, having been softened up by such acts before, is unwilling to act appreciative.

Teen abusers try to manipulate their dating partners by making all the decisions, putting them down in front of friends, threatening to kill themselves, stalking them, or forcing them to have sex.

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