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These are just small snippets of stories that show up randomly on the right side of the page in the boxes called “Related Story Preview”.

Most readers are using wider browsers these days and this will hopefully give stories on the toplist a little extra exposure to those readers.

Here is an example of a story that is part of a long series.

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Let me know if you find any bugs or have suggestions for improvements. Sorry for not updating this blog too often, but we have been working hard behind the scenes on some new Literotica stuff. Today’s new feature isn’t a huge one, but we think it’s a good one.

We have added a new block to the right side of some stories, above the “Similar Stories” block. You can probably guess what it’s for by the name, but I’ll explain it anyways, just to be annoying.

I’m happy to announce that part of that work is coming to fruition with the launch of a new feature called Literotica Series.

Here it is live on the site: Literotica Series Literotica Series Horror Category Literotica Series Author Submissions The idea behind the feature is to allow readers to find longer multi-part stories that they are interested in, and to give authors more control over multi-part stories that they’ve written. Eventually, authors will have full control over their Series, and we will roll out more related features like comments and voting on Series, Series contests, etc.

Thanks for all of the ongoing comments and suggestions and more updates soon! The categories are now displayed on the New Stories page, as requested by everyone.

A few new updates on the Literotica i Phone Site: 1. We’ve also got some more improvements coming to the main Literotica site.

We hope that this small new feature will be very helpful to readers when navigating the site.

We also hope that it will help authors to get more readers following their longer ongoing works.

In the future, we’ll be adding more features and tweaking it to improve the existing features.

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