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I was quite taken back, she never spoke to me before, in fact, I always thought she disliked me.“Please understand, I am a little drunk so you can’t hold anything I’m about to say against me” she said.

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Models are very competitive so all of us looked everyone else up and down comparing ourselves until Victoria started laughing.“What’s so funny?

” Melissa asked“We’re meant to be having a good time and all we care about is who looks better than who”She was right, we were all judging each other instead of enjoying ourselves.

Once everyone had a good buzz going, one-by-one the girls started removing their bathing suits to skinny-dip.

I wasn’t going to be a party-pooper so I did the same.

Lara looked into the water and slowly slid her hand from my hip, onto my belly and up to my left breast.

With my breast in my hand she looked back into my eyes as she gently squeezed and rubbed it as well as my nipple.This story features a young woman new to modelling, her name is Morgan.Cindy We heard her story at our club from Delia over 3 weeks ago but it took quite a lot of begging and pleading from Delia to get Morgan to allow us to post her story here.I just stood there unsure of how to feel about what she was doing.“I’m not a lesbian you know” I told her She looked back into the water and started moving her other hand towards my pussy.The strangest thing happened as her hand approached, my pussy started to tingle and my body actually wanted her to touch it.I included a pic of Morgan’s pussy the in early post.

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