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It doesn’t matter how closely you examine a Rolex dial they are always flawless.

Perfect printing, perfect symmetry, perfect balance. Even when they choose to decorate it with the addition of small diamonds they look flawless.

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It’s also very difficult to hide a flaw in a single cut diamond.

Rolex could easily use inexpensive gold plated settings to hold each diamond but they choose to use solid 18 karat gold machine cut settings.

The plastic crystal was recently replaced by Rolex when the watch was serviced.

That iconic red/blue “Pepsi” bezel is in perfect condition showing no fade.

This example comes with a recent full factory service from April 2017 (receipt and international service guarantee included).

The international warranty covers all aspects of the service until the spring of 2019.Rolex have always stuck to the principle of high quality and they’ve slowly but continuously improved their products for over the past 100 plus years. The Datejust is their most popular model and has been in continuous production since 1945.We just performed a full overhaul to the automatic Swiss made movement.The GMT Master has an extra hour hand plus a rotating bezel indexed for 24 hours to display a second time zone.The popular “Pepsi” bezel goes a bit further showing the daylight hours in red and the night hours in blue.Rolex have always selected the simple 17 facet single cut diamond for their hour markers, while others choose the more complicated 57 facet brilliant cut.

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