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kosm/s, the world; ^ Christopher Columbus, 1502, while on his fourth voyage to the new world. It was included in Guatemala and held as a province of Spain till 1821, Nov., when it became a part of the Mexican empire of Iturbide. The following table furnishes the rates current in 1839, 49, 59, and 75.

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cosmograp Me]: a description of the world or universe; the science which treats of the several parts of the universe, their laws and re- lations, and therefore comprehends geography, geology, and astronomy.

kosmos, the world; grapfio, I describe, I write of: F. site of his house is still pointed out with pride; and monu- ments to'his memory have been erected.

The works in which she describes her travelling- trips are-yl Summer Among the Socages and the Vines (1840); A Pilgriin- age to Auvergne, etc.

cosmopolite]: one w^ho is at home everywhere; a citizen of the world. Her first production, at least of any note, was Specimens of the Early Poetry of France (1835), but it was as a tourist she gained the greatest popularity.

Video transcript During my days at secondary school my best friend's father worked on the docks at Hartlepool. Often, after school, David and I toured the docks on our bicycles.

When David's father was on duty we would call in his control cabin for a cup of tea and view the impressive passing ships. The most profitable years for spinners are said to have been 1845, 48, 59, 60, and 71. 24 0 28 0 30 0 32 0 Warehousemen 18 0 20 0 22 0 26 0 Carding Department — 12 0 Scutchers (women and'girls). The following table exhibits the extent of the British manufacture at the close of 1874: Estimated weight of cotton consumed 1,226,129,000 lbs. per lb £40,226,000 " weight of yarn produced 1,120,525,000 lbs. As for C, his mem- ory still is held iu due honor by the town of his bi^th: t Jti Q COSTIVE— COSTS. constipdre, to crowd closely to- gether — from con, stipdre, to cram : contracted from F. costipativo, having a tendency to constipate]: bound or confined in the bowels. and of Haarlem, as being foun- ded on local legends, was made 1870 by a Nethei-lander, A. In the town -house of Haarlem, the typographical remnants of the productions ascribed to C. See Printing: and for the German ac- count of the invention, Gutenberg. Back in those days I didn't imagine that I would become a seaman myself.

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