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Mongolian women have always had a prominent position in Mongol society.At times they ruled the Mongol Empire - the largest empire the world has known.

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With no herds or urban skills, many have floundered. They maintain ancient traditions which determine their roles and even where they should sit in a ger.

Avoid embarrassing mistakes by reading about the nomadic people of Mongolia before you visit!

Free from the scourge of health and safety concerns, they climb, run, leap, wrestle... You may meet a few Mongolian children with names such as . If you wander around the city for a day or two, you will likely meet Mongolian street kids.

This might seem cruel, but their parents have their best interests at heart. They lead a grim life, but not exactly as reported by western media.

But less than half of Mongolian people actually live in their homeland. And in the last twenty years thousands of Mongolians have emigrated around the globe.

But Mongolia, also known as Outer Mongolia, remains the Mongol homeland.But many have laid down this life and migrated to the cities.Once in the city, some have gone on to lead their country while others have struggled with poverty and alcohol.As you tour Mongolia, make sure you link up with these ethnic groups.They lead fascinating lives and have a wealth of local knowledge they can impart.Despite Outer Mongolia's vast size, 38 percent of the population has squashed itself into the capital of Mongolia - Ulan Bator.

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