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If you follow our tracks, we'll take you back to where we live.(Want the best sex of your life?Check out the Men's Health Big Book of Sex to last longer, give her a mind-blowing orgasm, and learn 44 amazing sex positions.)Polite, But Not Really We can do locker-room rundowns as aggressively as any athlete, but women first use a delicate code in our inquiries with each other.

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But a skill or a tool without a heart behind it is worth nothing.

In all honesty, we talk more about a guy's general, soulful presence in the office than we do about how fast and accurately he creates a spreadsheet.

Relationships that convert disasters into bonding memories last longer.

The Oprah Factor Sometimes, though, a woman will have a conference with friends on handling a crisis, and her friends will not be shy. After such sessions, without necessarily knowing they've occurred, you might have that feeling that someone's been in your house, even if nothing's missing or moved. Love is the most inexact science, and we ladies feel we counsel with the best intentions, but our own lives get in the way.

If you've got a new skill, by all means, break it out.

But do so with respect for the mood, and for her reaction; if it's not working, let it go.

(Many of us won't betray ignorance but will say things like , then Google the technique later.) In this way, our talk functions like a Tupperware party: A leader spells out tips for her crew, and the pointers trickle into the homes of many. If, however, we try on you something that's obviously newly acquired, and we grimace as if we were assembling an Ikea armoire from 18 pages of diagrams, you should feel free to gently show us how to do it better.

Or in some situations just get us off the hook and into the next activity.

skills, it's true, there's the occasional superhero who lifts cars with a finger and flies over tall buildings (or however that translates sexually).

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