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BIG MISTAKE [sic].'Replying to someone's concerned response to this cryptic tweet, Lauren posted: 'I will be [okay] cos I'm not letting this one go this time! [sic]'A few minutes later she hopped back onto Twitter to share: 'Y AM I BEIN FORCED 2LEAVE SHEESH BY 2 BOUNCERS IN A THREATENIN WAY TELIN ME MARK WRIGHT IS COMIN AND BEST I LEAVE..

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ITS BEEN 5 YRS YET IM BEIN MADE 2LEAVE COZ MARK IS COMING [sic].' She later went on further writing 'Broke up YEARS ago.

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Speaking to The Sun, Lauren explained: 'Mark thinks he’s the king of Essex.

In response to the magazine's article, a spokesperson for Mark said that the TV star 'emphatically denies' that he had her rejected from the venue or that was he seeing both Lauren and Michelle at the same time.

She goes on to add that she believes Mark has also had her removed from Sheesh before when he was arriving at the eatery for a drink with Michelle.

The former TOWIE star has alleged in a magazine interview that Mark had her 'removed' from a nightclub five years because their troubled relationship was still ongoing when he first began dating Michelle. magazine: 'In 2012 he got me removed from Faces nightclub.

We were still sort of seeing each other and I think he'd just started seeing Michelle.'The sensational claims come after Lauren publicly slammed her ex - who she was briefly engaged to in 2011 - after accusing him of having the management at Sheesh restaurant in Essex kick her out because he was on his way.

The ups-and-downs of their romance even had Michelle gripped at the time, with the then Coronation Street star writing in her Love It Magazine column: 'I love TOWIE.

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