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) Estonia Urges Deployment Of US Patriot Missiles, Troops Bombshell - Yulia Skripal Says Her Father Is ‘Alright’ Skripal - UK Is Lying Yulia Skripal Describes ‘Disorientating’ Episode In Her First Public Statement Skripal Incident Big Lie Unravelling In Plain Sight Britain Behaving Like ‘Mafia State’ In Skripal Case Pentagon Official - Skripal Scandal Resembles Iraqi WMD Scam UK Govt Deletes Tweet About Russian Spy's Poisoning Raging US-UK Political Assault On Russia ‘Is Putin A CIA agent?

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Russian Mo D Says West Hindering Syrian Army Op As White Helmets Allege Chemical Attack Syria Falsely Blamed For Alleged Douma CW Attack (Real Headline) - Zionist Israeli Puppet Trump Threatens More War For Israel Over Mossad False Flag Cham Attack In Syria US Chemical Weapons’ Stockpiles ... AIPAC's Reinvented Account Of Israeli Mass Murder Israeli Citizens Gather To Watch Palestinians Killed Where Is The Outrage For Israeli Mass Murder?

Global Coverup Of Israeli Killing Of Unarmed Palestinians Must Stop – Corbyn 1000s In UK, Canada, Australia To Slam Israel Continuing Atrocities On Palestine Weiss - Israel Just Lost American Jews Israel To Target Hamas If Gaza Rallies Continue Iran FM To Lead Big Delegation To Africa, Latin America India Builds Over 14,000 Bunkers In Preparation For War With Pakistan China to make it rain over area 3 times the size of Spain At last, Black SA Pol Tells Truth - Blacks Never Owned The Land Tortured For 6 Hours Only To Find An Empty Safe In-Country Details - Special Humanitarian Visa (Subclass 201) Blair Wants Germany’s Merkel To Block Brexit Which Major Tech Company Will Fail First?

US Claims Kim Is Willing To Talk Getting Rid Of Nukes Kim Allegedly Agrees To Talk Denuclearization With Trump US, North Korea Hold Direct Talks Via CIA Channels In Run-Up to Trump-Kim Meeting US Dropped Plague-Infected Fleas On N Korea In 1952 China Applies Its Own Pressure To N Korea Top UK Military Official - N Korea Could Have Technology To Be Able To Nuke US By This Summer US Must Halt Korean Peninsula Military Activity - Russia N Korea Soon To Have Missiles To Hit UK Cities - MPs Whopper - US Has Over 400,000 Troops In The Asia-Pacific Region – Russian Intel N Korea Just Talked About Kim Security With SK Updates Reported By Karel Vorster Please Donate To Help Him Via Pay Pal [email protected] last, Black SA Pol Tells Truth - Blacks Never Owned The Land Tortured For 6 Hours Only To Find An Empty Safe In-Country Details - Special Humanitarian Visa (Subclass 201) Malema Intl Law Doesn’t Apply To South Africa Malema Makes U-Turn On U-Turn 5 Hrs Later 3 Blacks Die After Raping Crocodile Another Black Proclaims Blacks Can’t Be Racist What Is Really Going On In South Africa - Vid The Boer Project (Documentary) - Vid How Blacks Changed The Face Of Africa This Is The Mentality Of Africa Janice Atkinson, MEP Speaks On The SA Situation - Vid Janice Atkinson, MEP Interviewed About SA "is the single most important news aggregate site on the internet.

The spectrum of stories, ideas and revelations presented, on a daily basis, is absolutely staggering.

US Avalanche Of Anti-Russia Propaganda Demonization Of Russia Reaches Extent Where It’s Prohibited To Say ANYTHING Good About Russia Tycoon Warns EU Minister That Opposing Russia-Bashing Is ‘Career Ruining' Kremlin Blasts Blocking Of Russian Media In Social Networks As Censorship Russophobia In The New Trump Cold War Lavrov - Kiev’s Sponsors In US, EU Collude With Warmongers Moscow Troubled By US Attempts To Lower Nuclear Threshold Russia Looks To Revive F1 ‘Grid Girls’ For Sochi Grand Prix Barrie Trower On The Terrible Dangers Of 5G - Vid Fitts Asks Her Subscribers And All Net Users To Drop AT&T For Access And Email CDC Finds 'Nightmare Bacteria’ Across United States Elderly London Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder For Defending His Home Against Thieves.

African Language And The African Mind - Vid The Next Huge GMO Crime Is Here German Police Union Chief Proposes Taking Children Away From ‘Anti-Semitic Parents’ Who Are The True Semites In The World Of ‘Anti-Semitism’ Israel Uses Air Force Over ONE ‘Armed Terrorist’ On Gaza Border B'Tselem Urges IDF Soldiers Disobey Free-Fire Orders Orthodox Jews In Jerusalem Burn Israeli Flag Hang Dummy Of IDF Soldier In The Street West Leading ‘Campaign Of Lies' On Chemicals In Syria Saudi Intercept Yemen Missile Targeting Aramco Tanks Egypt Tolerates No Internal Criticism Estonia Expands DNA Grab Of 100,000 Citizens Ex-Brazil Leader Lula To Run For Pres, Even From Jail Huge Hail Stones, Tornadoes Strike Midwest The Aspartame Situation In Scotland - Personal Note How To Get Rid Of Bad Credit Marks China Holding Treasuries ‘Nuclear Option’ Open In Trade War With Trump, US Chinese Tariffs Hitting US Where It Is The Most Vulnerable - In Farming And Agriculture Russia Aims To Post Gold Reserves Increase Sales To India & China Gold Could Explode Any Minute - Peter Schiff Biggest Stock Market Bubble Ever, Ready To Burst India Bans Bitcoin Wallets, Bank Funding, All Crypto Services Dreier - Near Life Experiences The Silent Crisis Killing Puerto Ricans Reward for Stolen UFO Alien Grave Marker Mint To Unveil UFO Coin UFOs Capture Human Imagination For Centuries Titanic's Mirage - A New Perspective On One of History's Greatest Mysteries Most Border State Governors Support Trump Sending Troops To The Mexican Border Mexico Gets Trump's Message - Deports Portion Of Caravan Of Cent Am Illegals Heading for U S Al Jazeera Did A Hard Core Investigation Of The US And Israeli Lobbying But Won’t Air It! - Vid US ‘Made Decision’ About Removing Troops From Syria Why Trump Is Right About Amazon Trump Having Dinner With Co-CEO From Amazon Competitor Oracle White House Fake News Trump Says 'We Are Not In A Trade War With China' US-China Trade War Escalates US Stocks Crash - Fear Of All Out Trade War Spooks Many If US Wants A Trade War, China Is Ready To Fight Trade War Round 2 - US Releases China Tariff List Targeting 1,300 Products Chinese Hacker Army Attacks The US Guns, immigration Boost Trump's Approval To 50% Trump Urges Congress To Use ‘Nuclear Option’ To Pass Immigration Reform Trump Is The Most Peace-Loving US President Putin Will Ever Know Donald Trump And the Art Of The Arms Deal Russian Ex General - ‘Last War In Mankind’s History' Putin Tests Western ‘Satellite Killer’ Missile You Tube Witness - 'I Didn't Have A Gun But Wish I Did' You Tube Shooter’s Father Warned Police Zuckerberg Dumped By Peers, Mocked By Street Artists 'Rogue' Network Of Cellular Eavesdropping Devices Discovered Throughout Washington DC Roger Stone Sued For 0 Milion By Chinese Billionaire For Defamation Jones Hit With Another Defamation Lawsuit Columnist and h Devvy - Judge Flapdoodle Strikes Again Morgellons Fibers In Mc Donald’s Chicken Nuggets - Vid The Gold Standard Of Medical Tests Is Fake The Bayer-Monsanto Merger Is Bad News For Planet Sinclair Broadcasting: A Menace To Press Freedom?The smartest people go to every day." Endless Immigration A Form Of War With The Violence Delayed Until Later Solutions To Stop Killing Our Kids Across America - Pt 2 Killing Our Kids Across America Our Elected Leaders Breaking Our Laws Help Put Frosty Wooldridge On More Talk Radio Shows 5G Wireless - A Ridiculous Front For Global Control Fake News And The Programmed Viewer Elderly London Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder For Defending His Home Against Thieves.The London Cops' Firm Definition Of ‘Thought Crime’ The Deeper Reason For Drug Ads On Television Warhead Lab Leaks Killed Thousands In The Fukushima Disaster Yoichi Shimatsu Articles On Florida Shooting Oh My - See What Hogg's Father's Employer Created - Vid - Pt 6 Hogg-Tied To The Gunfire At Parkland School - Pt 5 ' March For Our Lives' Is The Spearhead For A CIA Coup - Pt 4 Commando Strike In Parkland Is A Polygon Puzzle - Pt 3 Florida School Attack Exposes Pedophile Zionist Vigilantes - Pt 2 FL Valentine's Massacres Saves DWS Dems Fom Awan Probe - Pt 1 Dr Blaylock MD - Common Damaging Foods And Toxins Aspartame - What Are We Up Against?Merton's Message Resonates As Nuclear Holocaust Looms A Walk Through Korea The Mystery Of Thomas Merton's Death Solved Propaganda Press Flailing Over Amelia Earhart David Martin [email protected] Hot Potato Of Thomas Merton's Death Takedown Of The All-Administration University How To Close A University?The Student Loan Scam Explained Dying Evergreen College - More Than 1 Admin Per 6 Students 'Radical Gun' Incident Highlights Education's Failure New Mexico To Force High School Grads To College Anti-White Campus Bias Getting Worse Even A Poo Bah Can Be Un-Personed Ex-Communist Professor Sues NYU Chapter 6 - Bicycle Adventure Pacific To Atlantic Columbia River Gorge...Russia Vows HARSH Response To Trump Sanctions Putin - Democracy Degraded As Trump Seeks World Hegemony By Any Means Trump Admin Fractured Russia-US Relations Are Now Beyond Repair Trump To Skip WH Correspondents Dinner Again All Russiagate Roads Lead To London Is This What The US Really Wants From Russia? Never Mind The Constitution IL Town Ignores Constitution - Gives Citizens 60 Days To Surrender Guns Ot Be Criminals Illinois Town Illegally Bans Rifles Globalist RINOs Promote 'Fear Trade’, Not 'Fair Trade' Dow Falls 500 Points As Fears Of Trade War Grow Trump Threatens China With 0 Billon MORE Tariffs China Ready To Pay ‘Any Cost’ In Trump Trade War China Ready To Defend Own Interests ‘At Any Cost’ Against Trump And His Trade War Tariffs.

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