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My love for the desert and primitive camping is deep and I like few things as much as hanging out with good people in the middle of a stunning natural environment.


Our first camp on the Owens River; the river is hidden by the mass of greenery behind the site.

Bishop to Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills After a good sleep, we arise early, eat our oatmeal, and pack the Jeep.

View south over Mono Lake from the Conway Summit overlook; Boundary Peak (13,140') in the background above and just to the left of David. After 365 miles and a long day of driving, we pull into Pleasant Valley Campground, a few miles north of Bishop.

Pretty basic and not terribly scenic, this campground is situated right on the Owens River, which gurgles softly nearby.

Mazourka Canyon also climbs up into the Inyo Range, perhaps offering some challenging 4x4ing.

Saline Valley is very beautiful and offers another 4x4 route over to Eureka Valley and its nice dune field.

After a lunch of salami and cheese sandwiches, we take a short hike through the granite outcrops.

David and Arlo, Alabama Hills and Sierra Crest in the background.

Arlo's technique is to place the sleeping bags on the coolers, providing extra insulation and making the ice last a good deal longer.

Our challenge is to pack up with enough room on top so that the driver can see over the pile in the rear view mirror.

We head south on Hwy 395, the view dominated by the eastern escarpment of the Sierra, fresh snow from the recent storm adding to the grandeur. Upon our arrival at Lone Pine, we check in Portagee Joe Campground, our pre-arranged meeting spot with Graham and Agnieszka.

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