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Finally, the court found the instruction on sudden heat did not nullify Brantley’s claim of self-defense, as he argued on appeal. Y.’s maternal grandmother to pick him up from school while U. Barnes further noted that the limited evidence supporting the determination at the fact-finding hearing was largely due to U. “I believe the majority places DCS in the impossible situation of having good reason to suspect Mother has a mental illness but lacking the means to prove that she has one because there is no CHINS finding and it cannot force Mother to undergo a psychological evaluation and therefore, it cannot prove E. 20 Civil Plenary — Special Legislation 49A04-1612-PL-2784 A fee collection statute the city of Hammond alleged was enacted for the benefit of only two Indiana cities must be struck from Indiana law after the Indiana Court of Appeals determined Monday the statute violated special legislation restrictions in the Indiana Constitution.

“As with most cases, the jury here was faced with two stories: one where Brantley acted irrationally out of sudden heat, the other where Brantley acted rationally in self-defense,” Massa wrote. In , 49A04-1612-PL-2784, the city of Hammond enacted an ordinance in 1961 establishing an inspection program for local hotel and rooming houses, which were required to pay an annual inspection fee of .

One night when the couples, Mc Callister’s sister, Jade Stigall, David Lackey and Joseph Nelson were gathered in adjoining rooms at a local Fairfield Inn to smoke methamphetamine, Nelson made an unwanted sexual advance toward Stigall while the two were alone.

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After Mc Callister dropped the gun down a sewer drain, the group returned to the hotel and later burned the clothes they had been wearing.

Nelson’s body was found later that morning in a coal-conveyor chute at the local Alcoa plant, having been sent to the plant on a train car from the mine.

When he returned home later that morning, the couple was once again fighting, with Gunn screaming and acting belligerent.

Gunn then told Brantley he was “getting ready to get rid of all (his) problems right now” and lunged from his chair, clenching something shiny in his fist.

Fearing the object was a knife — Gunn was known for keeping sharp objects — and fearing for his life, Brantley drew his gun and fired.

The shot killed Gunn, who was later discovered to have been clutching his glasses.

The admission of the footage did not prejudice Mc Callister’s substantive rights, the justice wrote, while Mc Callister was notified his jailhouse conversations would be monitored and there was a sufficient foundation for the admission of the mobile phone conversations.

Finally, the high court affirmed Mc Callister’s LWOP sentence, finding the jury was entitled to give weight to the aggravator that he was on parole at the time of the murder when deciding his sentence.

Gunn suffered from physical and mental health issues, leading to frequent and often violent arguments in the home.

On the morning of July 14, 2014, Brantley drove to a job interview in a high-crime area, taking a gun along for protection.

Justice Mark Massa initially noted that voluntary manslaughter is defined separately from murder in Indiana code, so it may be brought as a standalone charge. in foster care and filed a petition alleging he was a child in need of services due to U. Judge Edward Najam, writing for the majority joined by Judge Paul Mathias, said DCS failed to prove E. F., nor did it present evidence of what impact, if any, U. “To the contrary, (a home-based therapist) expressly acknowledge that Mother was meeting Child’s needs.” Further, though U. was moving out of the hotel when Morgan her, DCS presented no other evidence that she and E. were homeless or moved around frequently, Najam said.

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