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Before getting down on one knee and asking Nikki Bella (real name: Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace) to marry him in the middle of the wrestling ring, the WWE star was married to his high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long and they called it quits just three years after tying the knot.

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, John, 39, blamed the divorce on a home remodeling that was causing "unbearable strife" between him and his wife.

However, Elizabeth, 37, who felt she was blindsided by the divorce, accused John of cheating on her with multiple women and challenged their prenup.

"We've made our lives very public and I think the world knows that it's been a lot to just get to that proposal moment.

I want [Nikki] to be as happy as she was at that moment." , "I just know that this was a dream of hers to marry John and she's getting her happy ending and I couldn't be happier for her." And they're considering sharing the moment with fans. I feel like I've taken people on this incredible journey on .

The couple was eventually able to work things out privately, but the terms of their settlement were confidential.

Four months after their divorce was finalized in 2012, John began dating his now fiancée Nikki, 33, despite their differing views on marriage and children.The couple is currently planning their wedding but they are not married .They both are busy people so it's no surprise that they're waiting a little longer to tie the knot. "'[I thought] there’s no way that he’d propose in front of all those people, for 70,000, and then all the ones that, you know, were tuned in worldwide.' So, I really didn’t expect it. We're glad she is moving along in her planning and has a dress and a date.Nikki and Brie had their high school reunion in Scottsdale this past weekend -- and John was invited as Nikki's date.Brie also brought her boyfriend -- WWE tag team champion Daniel Bryan.I respect his decision right now because I’m happy,” Nikki said. "I want to thank my always expressive 'family' the @WWEUniverse for allowing me to have a #Wrestlemania moment that I will NEVER forget," he tweeted before adding that he had been planning the moment for over a year.

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