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No subscription fees and lifetime membership with text and audio video chat features. Jhoos is a professional online dating messenger that integrates with Yahoo and AIM and lets you search and date millions of singles and activity partners all over the globe. Well firstly, you need to know that Jhoos works with Hotmail, Yahoo! If you have an email account with any of these Internet Email Providers (IEP), Jhoos can easily gain access to your contact list.

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(This way, you wont accidentally send the Jhoos invitation to the Portoroki Mailing List.) You can then click on Next .

Take time to choose only the addresses of people whom you know will approve of your Jhoos invitation notice.

Without much consideration, you type in your password (which is also ok as far as individual rights are concerned).

However, this is the part which I should warn you about.

Therefore, when you arrive at the page which lists down your Gmail contacts, youll notice that all the contacts are checked.

Now, your Gmail contact list contains ALL the email addresses that youve ever sent emails to. How do you select some email addresses and deselect the others?

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Open 24 hrs I know you have done it, we all have, admit it you have stood inside a 7-11 at one time or another and looked at the food thinking, that looks pretty good doesn’t it.

I am pretty sure though that members who have sent these invitations to the list have done so without knowing it.

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