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Four key variables, age, ethnicity, questionnaire, and timeframe, have been shown to impact the occurrence of dating violence in community samples and, thus, are likely to influence its prevalence in high-risk groups as well.

Despite some variation in rate, intimate partner violence can continue across developmental stages, as it has been shown that adolescent girls who experience dating violence victimization are significantly more likely to continue as both victims and perpetrators of dating violence in young adulthood [14].

Ethnic minority group has been identified in several studies as a moderator for the prevalence rate of dating violence victimization and perpetration.

There is a substantial body of literature on the poor outcomes high-risk young women can experience.

Recently, researchers have begun to examine the occurrence of dating violence in the lives of these young women (ex. Dating violence includes acts of emotional, physical, or sexual violence in a romantic or sexual relationship [4].

However, this pattern may not hold for all forms of dating violence.

For example, moderate and severe physical and sexual violence perpetration have been shown to peak at around 17 years of age, and then decrease in young adulthood.

The third is sexual violence, such as forcing a partner to have sexual intercourse or engage in other sexual acts against the partner’s will [8].

The prevalence of dating violence among adolescent girls who are not considered high-risk is estimated at 15% to 20% for victimization and 20% to 30% for perpetration [9,10].

: Our systematic review identified 21 quantitative articles and eight qualitative articles addressing dating violence among high risk young women.

The groups of high-risk young women in this review include street-involved, justice-involved, pregnant or parenting, involved with Child Protective Services, and youth diagnosed with a mental health issue.

Based on these risk factors five groups of young women were identified in this review, through a preliminary search of the literature, as potentially at high-risk for dating violence.

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