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That jealousy may have served as a factor in their split, though they parted amicably. 15 to clear the air and end any future speculation.

In an interview, Aniston lovingly referred to her husband as a “turkey.” And Theroux, when asked about what he would be getting Aniston for their second anniversary, teased, “Isn’t number two cotton? So probably just a bag of cotton.” It can be hard for any couple to not “TV cheat” on their significant other, but for one that spends this much time apart, it’s almost impossible. When discussing his HBO drama , which finished its three-season run this summer, Theroux explained that he couldn’t even tell Aniston about what he was filming before it aired. She’s that much of a fan.” According to ET, distance provided one of the main factors that contributed to their split.

“She’s a fan of the show, so she didn’t want any spoilers,” he said. The couple reportedly clashed over where to live, as Aniston prefers the West Coast and Theroux likes it on the East. “He was a New York hipster that loved the alternative lifestyle, and Jennifer was living a much more reclusive life when they first started to fall in love,” a friend explained to E! “But he fell in love with Jennifer, so it was something he came to accept.

He’s more nomadic, more of a free spirit; he’s rugged and urban, and Jennifer just isn’t that kind of person.” Whether to keep gifts from old flames really depends on the item, experts say.

Useful things, such as appliances and home goods, should stick around, especially because the sentiments will fade faster than their usefulness.

They eventually confirmed they were a couple in December that year when Pitt announced he was adopting Jolie's adoptive children, Cambodian Maddox and Ethiopian Zahara.

Now, three years on, the Hollywood couple are parents to six children - three adoptive and three biological.

For those of us who thought Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were #relationshipgoals, their recently announced split may have rocked your world.

But for those who stood firmly on team Brad Pitt might take heart at the newest information coming out of the saga.

In the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Pitt reiterates Jolie's recent confession that they fell in love while making the movie.

After being asked why the action film is his favourite film, he explained: 'Because you know... Because I fell in love.' Complicated: Brad Pitt admitted he 'fell in love' with Angelina Jolie on the 2004 set of Mr & Mrs Smith - while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston Pitt's revelation comes two months after Jolie told the New York Times that she fell for him while making the movie.

Referring to their children watching the film, she said: 'Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love.' Her recent claims appeared to contradict the couple's repeated denials that they only started dating after he split from Aniston.

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