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Two days later – March 18, 2009 – the pair married at The Little White Wedding Chapel on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Her remains had been mutilated to prevent recognition; she was eventually identified by the serial numbers of her breast implants. Her husband, a former reality TV contestant, Ryan Alexander Jenkins, was the only suspect and was formally charged with the murder.

According to People magazine, another suitor of Fiore's was Travis Heinrich, whom she met around 2005.

) was a model from Santa Cruz, California, United States.

Her body was discovered on August 15, 2009, strangled and stuffed into a suitcase.

The writing is fast-paced, jumping between Alexa's and Drew’s points of view.

The two leads are charming, and both have quirky friends who add flavor to the story.

As a one-night stand becomes a two-night stand becomes weekend trips between Berkeley and LA, both are in denial about how important they are to each other.

As they face ups and downs, ultimately they must decide if they want to try to make a real relationship work.

Heinrich and Fiore had become engaged and remained so for less than half a year in 2006 or 2007; although the couple broke off this engagement, they continued to date.

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