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” The-Dream: “Super dynamic, that’s pretty good, right?But uh, I think that’s what everybody was thinking when the news broke.Well, everybody was thinking that but supposedly Christina. I have no idea how she could NOT be thinking of that…” Nivea went on to post his chat with Vlad TV on her Instagram, and had this to say: “Hmmmm.. #She’s AScare Crow” I must be old-school with my disses because I have no idea what makes someone a “scarecrow,” but word is, such a comment is referring to the fact that a scarecrow has no brain.

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Lauren London reportedly began dating Lil Wayne in 2007, while he was also reportedly still dating Nivea. According to YBF, Lauren London once broke down the reason the four baby mommas are so cool with each other: LL: We are all good-hearted women who love our children and we want them to know each other.

By 2009, both Nivea and Lauren London had Lil Wayne’s children two months apart. Real friendships have grown from that foundation and the result has been more love, less drama and less trauma for our kids.

Splash News During a recent chat with Vlad TV, singer-songwriter The-Dream was asked his thoughts on his ex-wife, singer/actress Christina Milian, dating Lil Wayne.

Of course, Lil Wayne has a child with Nivea, who is The-Dream’s other ex-wife, so all four individuals are connected by the children they brought into the world.

While out in London, England earlier this month, Nivea sat down with Nathan Devonte from Team Curtains for a one on one interview, which you can check out below.

During the conversation at the mark, Nivea explained why she isn’t happy with whatever relationship Lil Wayne and Christina Milian have. She has a daughter by my ex-husband who is now her ex-husband as well, who is my eldest three siblings other half fricking sibling.

There’s nothing better than witnessing a “Kumbayah” moment among grown folks…no matter how unexpected or odd a particular situation may seem.

That brings us to the topic of Cash Money Records rapper, Lil Wayne, and his four baby mommas.

They know their little sister and that’s my main thing.

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