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They produce original music tracks in a wide variety of tempos and styles.Each MP3 track is immediately downloadable and waiting for you to add your vocals and lyrics, or use in your latest digital production.

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Songs are available in most popular categories including top 40, country, hip hop, and R&B. Here's a handful of Hit Trax's selections - to find the songs on the site, use their search function at the top of the page to search by artist or song title: bills itself as the "most full featured online karaoke platform," and it strives to live up to that name with a catalog of over 13,000 songs that come pre-downloaded in its library and available for you to use once you subscribe. -- The march -- Theo's flight -- Vanessa's rich -- Denise gets a D. Disc 1 Episodes 1-7: Call of the wild -- Theogate -- It's ain't easy being green -- Cliff's mistake -- Shakespeare -- That's not what I said -- Autumn gifts. DVD 8082 Cast: Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines; with special guests: Ted Danson, Kathy Griffin, Richard Lewis, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Laraine Newman, Bob Odenkirk, Mary Steenburgen, Nia Vardalos. She tries to get by in life dealing with her various friends whom include the outgoing redhead Paige, the insecure photographer Adam, her unsure-of-himself cousin Spence, the coffee shop guy Joe Farrell, and the critical and obnoxious Audrey.

There are also sections dedicated to hits from each decade and music from around the world. Sing along with Broadway hits, Disney favorites, top pop artists, and timeless classics. Originally broadcast on NBC television during the 1986-1987 season. DVD 8061 Season 3: Disc 2 Episodes 10-17: A girl and her dog -- War stories -- Cliff in charge -- Monster Man Huxtable -- Rudy spends the night -- Say hello to a good buy -- Denise gets an opinion -- Calling Doctor Huxtable. DVD 8062 Season 3: Disc 3 Episodes 18-25: You only hurt the one you love -- The shower -- Cliff's 50th birthday -- I know that you know -- Andalusian flu -- Bald and beautiful -- Planning parenthood -- Hillman. In this television comedy Larry's got it all: a loving wife, good friends, a successful carreer, and a great home. Most challenging of all, Ellen also has to contend being around her annoying and overbearing parents Lois and Harold.

Here are some great song choices to consider, available for 99 cents or less per MP3 download: Whitmore's Music offers a variety of religious and inspirational tracks without lyrics, intended to be used for backing music for church singing and wedding soloists.

You'll find a range of song choices here, from traditional worship songs to gospel tracks and holiday selections.

His work includes standards, Christmas and seasonal songs, swing, jazz, and big band sounds.

Music tracks are available for male or female singers, and most songs are available in multiple keys.

Mc Pike also takes requests for custom backing tracks. DVD 8140 Season 3: Disc 1The third season of the television series depicting a close-knit and prosperous African American family dwelling in New York City. Heathcliff Huxtable and his wife Clair, an attorney, are a happily married, dual-profession couple with aspirations of raising their 5 children in an uplifting, positive environment. DVD 2963 Cast: Ellen De Generes, Joely Fisher, David Anthony Higgins, Clea Lewis, Maggie Wheeler, Holly Fulger, Arye Green, Alice Hirson, Steven Gilborn.

Demos for each song let you try before you buy, and you can purchase in MP3 or CD format. Here are some songs to consider: is a seller of backing MP3 tracks and MIDI files with over 32,000 songs in their collection. Episodes 1-9: Bring 'em back alive -- Food for thought -- Golden anniversary -- Man talk -- Mother, may I? A television comedy series centering around the life of Ellen Morgan, a 30-something, neurotic bookstore employee.

For songs in the style of popular artists, such as Kelly Clarkson and Elvis Presley, the CDs come complete with different versions including those with background singers, and some that are completely instrumental.

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