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This hypothesis is supported in work by British cometary astrophysicists, who find that earth was at increased risk of bombardment by cometary debris in the AD 400-600 timeframe, based on the frequency of fireball activity in the Taurid meteor streams recorded in Chinese archives.

To provide further support to his cometary debris theory, Dr Baillie has searched the written record and traditions embodied in myths.

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There he has found evidence that the dates of the environmental downturns listed above are often associated with collapses of civilizations or turning points in history.

The AD 540 event, for example, may have been associated with a catastrophe that ushered in the Dark Ages of Europe.

In the 1980s, he was instrumental in building a year-by-year chronology of tree-ring growth reaching 7,400 years into the past.

Upon examining the tree-ring record, Baillie noticed indications of severe environmental downturns around 2354 BC, 1628 BC, 1159 BC, 208 BC, and AD 540. Baillie is a leading expert in dendrochronology, or dating by means of tree-rings. "Mike" Baillie is Professor Emeritus of Palaeoecology at Queen's University of Belfast, in Northern Ireland.Patrick’s Day, and other Celtic culture and activities then, you’ve found the right place.Our Irish mobile friendly singles site is the premier place for Irish singles and their admirers to meet for dates, relationships, and much more.His latest book, New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection (Tempus, 2006), shows how the tree-ring and Greenland ice core evidence and descriptions in annals, myths and metaphors adduced in support of the global environmental downturn at AD 540, which included the Justinian plague, also applies to conditions extant at the time of the Black Death in AD 1348.

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