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Then, if needed, users can enter another separate e-mail address that other callers can use to find them.On the i Phone 4, Face Time works much like making a phone call.Face Time's interface is the same regardless of the device.

So should Apple fans stick to Face Time exclusively, or should they opt for other apps that open up communication to more users?

Because the i Pad 2 and i Pod touch don't have phone numbers, Face Time works differently on them than on the i Phone 4.

And that’s exactly what some entrepreneurs are attempting to setup.

Tech journalist and web developer Clint Ecker came across an ad on Craigslist offering women a free i Phone 4 in exchange for agreeing to be the girl on the end of the phone for sex line chat.

When you pull up a contact with an active Face Time account, Face Time appears with options to text, call, or e-mail that person.

You can also switch a voice phone call to Face Time via a large button overlaid on the screen during active calls.There’s nothing Apple can do about this, and it’s only right that they can’t.We’re talking about a paid-for sex chat service here, but a couple may use Face Time for a similar purpose.We experienced no dropped calls, laggy signals, or out-of-sync video and audio.That's because Face Time only works over Wi-Fi, which tends to be more stable for video connections than 3G data networks.On those devices, Face Time is a standalone, pre-installed application.

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