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In the aftermath of a suicide comes sadness, pain, confusion and even anger.

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By failing to inform your insurance company of changes to your circumstances, you may invalidate your cover, meaning your insurer could refuse to pay out in the event of a claim.

Rod Jones, insurance expert at u, says: “Millions of drivers are changing careers and job roles, blissfully unaware of the potential impact on their car insurance policy.

This clause says that if the insured person made misstatements on the policy application, and dies within two years, the company can decline to pay the death claim.

After that, the policy is “incontestable” except in cases of outright fraud.

I don’t know whether actor Robin Williams, who died by suicide this week, carried life insurance.

For family members in general, two policy clauses can come into play when someone they love dies by his or her own hand.

My friend Professor Joseph Belth, formerly the publisher of The Insurance Forum, wrote about a case in the 1970’s in which an Iowa man replaced four small policies with one policy that had a death benefit of about ,000.

Both the old policies and the new one were issued by Bankers Life Co.

In fact, in a recent u Switch survey, 60% of drivers said they did not inform their insurer the last time their occupation changed despite this being a requirement of their policy.

It’s vital to declare these changes to your insurer to avoid invalidating your cover, something that 41% of our survey respondents were unaware of.

Just as with the suicide clause, the clock on the incontestability clause is reset whenever someone replaces his or her existing policy with a new one.

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