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Our approach is Total Health, helping you develop physical and mental resiliency through high touch, personalized and preventative care with leading edge testing and proven science.

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Depending on personal concerns and family history, many clients choose to dive deeper with assessments of specific risks for them.

It’s true – real facts – that no one need to die of an unexpected heart attack or stroke because we can predict its onset with a series of specialized blood biomarkers and imaging techniques.

Our goal is to support the health and well-being of high performing individuals who seek to improve their physical and mental resilience against illness.

By deploying the science of personalized medicine, we will understand how your DNA will interact with your environment which in turn affects your hormone, nutrient and metabolic functions.

This program will: At this time – beyond understanding your genetics risks – it’s difficult to detect early the evidence of developing cancers.

But we know that many tumor types behave in ways that we can see them earlier than waiting for a mass and symptoms to appear.

We will test your genetics and measure your lifestyle, nutrient and hormonal biomarkers to assess how your body is “ticking.” We then figure out how we can modify your lifestyles and adjust your diet, supplements, hormones, and medications to reduce the risk of disease.

It sounds like a lot to take in at once, but you’ll be amazed at how it can be done with small gradual changes which will lead to big improvements in your health .”We focus on keeping you healthy and being physically and mentally resilient to illness, injury and emotional setbacks.

Published research studies show that those things we preach in a wellness lifestyle, do impact the health of telomeres and hence onset of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, dementia and complications of diabetes. As they shorten over time due to the biological effects of glycation, oxidation, inflammation, hormonal imbalance and mental stressors, your risk of developing disease goes up.

We can take preventive steps to stop premature telomere shortening from happening.

Armed with your cutting-edge diagnostic information, our holistic healthcare team will create an action plan to you to keep you from getting sick and support you to achieve your personal best.

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