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Sometimes acting as a doctor, lawyer, even military personnel." "Some of these photos are mugshots from St.

Paul Minnesota Police Department," Koiner said of over half a dozen photos of Alldred, "all the way from California and Arizona." Now, Alldred has a brand new mugshot to add to that collection - one from police in Fort Worth, where the Tarrant County Sheriff's Department arrested him late last week after a tip from yet another victim.

Instead, he used the money to buy an Audi TT and to sponsor his entry to the Cannonball Rally performance car road race.

No obituary for his wife, no medical license, and in the most obvious of signs, he had no working telephone number, poor command of English, and he repeatedly tried to call me from a number with no caller ID. Before “I’m Not A Real Doctor” entered my life, I had reason to be optimistic about online dating. It’s how I met my husband, Jeff, who was on my B List. But by 2013, two years after Jeff died of cancer, the internet had changed. Still, it was a shock to learn that as a widow, I was most desirable to con men. The FBI reports that romance fraud has been on the rise for the last seven years and is now among the top-three internet crimes.

In 2016, the most recent year for which the FBI has data, there were more than 14,500 victims nationwide who lost more than $220 million given to online cons.

Months later, she lent him a further £3,000 when he said his bank account had been frozen temporarily.

He used the line on Paula Walker, 34, who loaned him £27,500 after he claimed his cash flow problems were jeopardising a potential salvage diving operation in Alaska, worth a fortune.

Jailing him for two-and-a-half years, he said he had told "elaborate tales" to abuse the women's trust. You do not seem to understand the consequences and far-reaching effects your actions have had on your victims." Laidler, of Blackhill, near Consett in County Durham, used to target women in Northumberland, Teesside and York.

He told Amy Fenton, 32, of Teesside, he was a businessman involved a in a high-finance deal with the Strasse Chase Bank and persuaded her to take out loans of £8,000 to help him overcome short-term difficulties with his finances, promising to pay it back.

“You may be the best woman in my life,” he wrote, requesting photos, which he told me he printed for his nightstand.

You might be surprised that despite our bond, we never met, or even talked. He was a patchwork of identities he weaved into a tragic yarn that took only a few tugs from me before falling apart. I do get that a widow with young children is more complicated than my contemporaries with grown children.

Detective Chief Inspector Gary Miles said: ‘Within the last year, FALCON has investigated the loss of £4 million in retaliation to 100 victims who have been ruthlessly manipulated by men and women pretending they love them.

‘The suspects showered them with compliments and confided their seemingly innermost secrets to them.

Last week we told you about Derek Alldred, whose apparent nationwide crime spree had landed him an arrest warrant from The Colony in North Texas.

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