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This may be included in the JID by appending a slash followed by the name of the resource.

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The first IM service based on XMPP was, which has operated continuously and offered free accounts since 1999.

From 1999 until February 2006, the service used jabberd as its server software, at which time it migrated to ejabberd (both of which are free software application servers).

One of the original design goals of the early Jabber open-source community was enabling users to connect to multiple instant messaging systems (especially non-XMPP systems) through a single client application.

This was done through entities called transports or gateways to other instant messaging protocols, but also to protocols such as SMS or email.

The server is connected to other IM services (ICQ, AIM and other) via XMPP transports.

The XMPP network uses a client–server architecture; clients do not talk directly to one another.XMPP-based software is deployed widely across the Internet, and by 2003, was used by over ten million people worldwide, according to the XMPP Standards Foundation.The early Jabber community focused on open-source software, mainly the jabberd server, but its major outcome proved to be the development of the XMPP protocol.In May 2013, Google announced Jabber compatibility would be dropped from Google Talk for server-to-server federation, although it would retain client-to-server support. Green clients are online, yellow clients are writing each other and small green subclients are the resources of one user.The brown network is not connected to the internet.Designed to be extensible, the protocol has been used also for publish-subscribe systems, signalling for Vo IP, video, file transfer, gaming, the Internet of Things (Io T) applications such as the smart grid, and social networking services.

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