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If a guy doesn’t look exactly how you want him to but his personality is amazing, you’re going to find him attractive no matter what.

In the end, a relationship is about a strong emotional and physical attraction – with an emphasis on the emotional.

Respect is a combination of appreciation, admiration and recognition of a person being worth something.

So I believe even though you’re not physically attracted to this guy, I bet if you give it time, you might actually become more attracted.

In my opinion, the personality of an individual makes them better looking.

The more I got to know my boyfriend, the more physically attractive he became in my eyes.

Not even a short while after beginning to date, I found him sexy and handsome (and his attractiveness just increases even to this day).

When we meet this amazing person and we set them up on a pedestal, they are perfect through our foggy vision of chemical reactions to NRE (new relationship energy).

We do not really see who they are but rather our projection of what we want to see.

As respect goes down the need of the abuser to force respect goes up, leading to more abuse.

We also can confuse the all encompassing feeling of being in love with respect.

In our modern world respect is sometimes confused with fear.

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