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The ultimate goal is for the entire world to become a “single market” with uniform laws, rules and regulations.

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In the past 30 days, we have seen some of the biggest steps toward a one world government, a one world economy and a one world religion that we have ever witnessed, but these events have sparked very little public discussion or debate.

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The global elite have never been closer to their goal of a united world.

Thanks to a series of interlocking treaties and international agreements, the governance of this planet is increasingly becoming globalized and centralized, but most people don’t seem alarmed by this at all.

The United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam all intend to sign on to this insidious plan.

Collectively, these nations have a total population of about 800 million people and a combined GDP of approximately 28 trillion dollars.On September 26th, some of the biggest names in the music world (including Beyonce) promoted these new “global goals” at the “Global Citizen Festival” that was held in Central Park.And you can watch a You Tube video where some of the most famous names on the entire planet urge all of us to get behind these new “global goals” right here. We are being trained to think of ourselves as “global citizens” that belong to a “global community”.If a candidate has a different set of beliefs than the “Orwellian group think” which constitutes domestic and foreign policy, he is allowed to go only so far.Who are these powerful elite groups and the secret societies that run them?Those are not my words, they actually come directly out of the core document for this new agenda.

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