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The top performers in our review are the Spygear Gadgets Power Adapter, the Gold Award winner; the Eyeclub Spy Clock, the Silver Award winner; and the Zetta Z12 Intelligent Security Camcorder, the Bronze Award winner.

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You have the right to record video of anything that goes on in your private residence, even if you’re recording secretly, but recording audio isn't always legal.

A handful of states, including California, Florida, Illinois and Washington, require that anyone whose speech is recorded be aware it is happening.

Any score below 70 percent indicated that the camera had poor recording quality under that light condition. Practically all the nanny cams we tested produced reasonably good quality video in daylight conditions.

A few excelled with their high-resolution cameras, producing crisp and clear videos that showed small details and motion.

We then evaluated the recordings to calculate the video quality score.

Each camera received a percentage score, with 100 being a perfect score.

There were exceptions of course, as a few cameras – most notably the Spygear Gadgets Power Adapter and the Supreme Defense Electrical Outlet – had no problem recording when the room was dark.

Overall, most nanny cams recorded good quality video during the day, but poorly at night.

Video Quality We tested to see how well each nanny cam recorded video, measuring clarity, contrast and color.

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