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Any score below 70 percent indicated that the camera had poor recording quality under that light condition. Practically all the nanny cams we tested produced reasonably good quality video in daylight conditions.

A few excelled with their high-resolution cameras, producing crisp and clear videos that showed small details and motion.

There are three factors that make a great nanny cam: video quality, ease of use and concealment.

The best nanny cams excel in these factors, while a nanny cam that struggles in one has a major weakness.

Also, you should keep an eye on the amount of video on the SD card so you don't lose important footage if the storage is full.

Some of the cameras we reviewed can overwrite old footage with new footage if the SD card runs out of space.

A quick search of news stories for child abuse by nannies brings up a harrowing number of documented cases.

It can be hard to trust a stranger to care for your children while you're away at work or running errands, but one way to help protect them is to use a nanny cam.

So, you should check your local laws before you capture any audio of your nanny or babysitter without their knowledge.

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