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In 1940 Thorpe and the younger of his sisters were sent to stay with an aunt in America, where he attended the Rectory School in Connecticut, by contemporary English standards a decidedly easy-going establishment. His histrionic gifts — and in particular his talent for mimicry — began to flourish.He played Miranda in The Tempest, became an accomplished violinist, and showed precocious assurance as a public speaker.

His father John Thorpe, born in Cork, was a KC and, for a few years after the First World War, MP for Rusholme in Manchester.

His mother was the daughter of Sir John Norton-Griffiths, 1st Bt, another Conservative MP and one who gloried in the epithet “Empire Jack” — even if he owed his baronetcy to Lloyd George.

Jeremy Thorpe, the former leader of the Liberal Party who has died aged 85, suffered a fall unparalleled in British political history when a long-drawn-out chain of scandal dragged him into the dock at the Old Bailey, charged with conspiracy and incitement to murder.

For once the cliché “trial of the century” did not seem misplaced.

After Eton, Thorpe joined the Rifle Brigade for his National Service, only to be invalided out of the Army after six weeks as “psychologically unsuitable”.

It has been alleged that he became a bed-wetter to prove the point.

“It never occurred to him,” his mother remarked of his early days in Kensington, “that anybody might not be glad to see him.” Young Jeremy adored his father, but it was his mother who exerted the most powerful influence. For seven months he had to lie on his back in a spinal carriage; he suffered back pains for the rest of his life.

A formidable woman, who affected an eyeglass, Ursula Thorpe nursed the highest ambitions for her son. The Second World War caused a hiatus in what promised to be a conventional English education.

Headteacher David Oldham said: “We are working to try and secure funding for the future, so when Drayton grows we aren’t here again.

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