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but once your divorce is final, it’s legally okay for you jump back into the dating scene.On the last Thursday night of each month, my Dana Point deli, Tutor and Spunky’s, hosts a meet-and-greet gathering for singles ages 50 to 90.

“For most people, divorce is an extremely stressful process,” says Marsha Garrison, Secretary-General of the International Society of Family Law and member of the Journal of Law and Family Studies advisory board.

“Often, divorcing partners are working through a good deal of grief and anger.

It can cost you both emotionally and financially (especially when it comes to alimony payments and living together), so it’s probably a good idea to wait until you and your spouse are legally divorced before you start a new relationship.

Your Emotional Rollercoaster Divorce is psychologically and emotionally traumatic, even if you’re feeling relieved and see it as a fresh start.

It’s better to avoid shacking up until all the paperwork is signed, particularly if custody and financial support issues are involved, experts say.

If your spouse finds out you’re sleeping with someone else (they always find out), and if they brought in more money than you did during the marriage, they may decide to try to take you to the cleaners.

A woman we will call Sue had read about the scheduled August 29 gathering in this newspaper.

She emailed: “I am in the process of getting divorced and am not sure when the final court date will occur.

Says Cohen, “There seems to be an illusion of ‘readiness’ when someone moves in with a new love before the divorce is final.

Some may feel that they processed the loss before it officially ended and are acting on a high from the feeling of empowerment over the decision.

I am 62 and had been with my soon-to-be ex-husband for 38 years.

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