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[Read: 30 honest reasons why men cheat] #6 The banker and/or real estate dealer.These guys are full of empty promises and usually are very good at telling lies.So when you come across them, just run the other way lest they heap their issues onto you. Have you been wasting your time dating a guy who literally can’t do anything without talking to his mom first?

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You should be with someone who treats you the same way you treat them. It’s not like he can’t make money, but he has a philosophy of “why should I spend my money when I can spend someone else’s?

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can earn his love by sacrificing your time for the sake of his happiness. ” Before you file for bankruptcy for the sake of this sorry loser, just run the other way.

Keep your eyes open and your mind sharp before these 10 guys can get a chance to take advantage of you.

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You may become his muse, but his true love will always be his music.

[Read: 5 giveaways of an emotionally unavailable man] #3 The brainiac.If you cook for him all the time, do his laundry, have sex, why would he want to leave?But what happens when a younger, hotter girl comes along?Maybe you’ve been obsessed with Leonardo Dicaprio ever since you first saw Titanic, or maybe you’re into guys with tattoos like Adam Levine, or maybe you prefer someone goofy, sort of nerdy, like Jason Segel. And when you get a look into the inner workings of your so-called dream guy, you may be sorely disappointed.So when a guy comes along and fits the description of your perfect Hollywood dream boy, he can be your one true love, right? Don’t let yourself be fooled by charms, good looks and a smoking hot assortment of bedroom moves.And in these moments, you think you’re falling in love with him, until you realize that none of the things he’s said he wanted to do have actually happened.

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