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” Heysen believes that some users are attracted to sites with subscription models because they signal that people are more serious about dating.

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While all Tinder users could formerly swipe right if they were interested in someone or left if they were not, the new premium model takes away the unlimited swipe rights for those who don’t pay. In Australia, it costs A$24.99 per month, while the cost in the US is US$9.99 for users under the age of 30 and double the price for those who are older.

Tinder has been criticised as being more of a popularity game than a serious dating site and the new premium model may put this to the test.

“It’s very mobile centric, and we’ve had to smarten up our mobile products – that’s been a very big focus for us,” he says.

“People are certainly leaning toward those devises so much more and they want instant results and ease of use.

In a bid to monetise its offering, the dating app has introduced a premium service called Tinder Plus.

Users who are willing to pay can enjoy a range of new features, such as the ability to undo swipes or to declare a deep attraction through Super Likes.

Match Group, the online dating behemoth that owns the wildly popular Tinder, as well as other matchmaking companies such as Ok Cupid, and Plenty Of Fish, raised almost US0 million in its initial public offering late last year.

Based on the IPO price, the group has a market value of about US.9 billion.

“We believe that love is a question of hazard,” he said.

“We believe that anything can happen when you’re not waiting for it." Another recent Romeo on the block, dating app Hinge, also has a unique premise and is positioning itself as the “anti-Tinder”.

“Do they just want to see how popular they are on the site?

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