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Even without Tinder, we’ve been focusing on [these aspects ] for the past couple of years because we knew that it was coming.” Online dating services have traditionally relied on two different business models – subscriptions and advertising.Until recently, Tinder, which helps 50 million global users find casual hook-ups or true love, got by without any advertising But like any true romance, its model has evolved.

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In 2014, Fairfax Media-owned RSVP, which launched in 1997 as Australia’s first online dating site, signed a A$90 million merger agreement with rival site Oasis Active in a bid to secure its position against international rivals.

Dave Heysen, CEO of RSVP/Oasis, says online dating apps such as Tinder have forced the market to lift its game.

” Heysen believes that some users are attracted to sites with subscription models because they signal that people are more serious about dating.

RSVP, which has about 2 million users, offers free membership but users must pay between A$5 and A$15 for “stamps” to make contact with others.

“Do they just want to see how popular they are on the site?

Is there a more casual feel or are people looking for relationships?

Playing cupid on the internet can be a lucrative business.

In 2015, IBISWorld valued the dating industry in the US alone at US billion.

While all Tinder users could formerly swipe right if they were interested in someone or left if they were not, the new premium model takes away the unlimited swipe rights for those who don’t pay. In Australia, it costs A.99 per month, while the cost in the US is US.99 for users under the age of 30 and double the price for those who are older.

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