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Hi all, not sure how to get started so I'll spit it out I'm a 29 yr.

One thing be aware of how addictive the site is, hmmm as if that is a bad thing (NOT), lol...29 is to young to be unhappy.

Over a period of time you can change his ways if you change yours.

It’s so dynamic, and shocking, unbelievable things occur. A lot of the fans say, “Oh, this is scripted,” or, “The producers made this happen.” Is everything we’re seeing really as it plays out? You know you can’t control what people say, but they will try to play characters themselves. Should we expect more of that in the upcoming season? Why are you going into the witness-protection program? There are many Housewives whose job is to be a Housewife. If I go to Starbucks and I have a coffee I’m going to put Skinnygirl sweetener in it.

Are there other sort of fake Housewives behaviors you see happening often? Ramona is definitely sowing her oats, and she’s in a different place. Carol’s embracing her relationship, which was questionable for other people. As always, I just say exactly how I feel, and I felt a lot of feelings and I was not afraid to express them. Sometimes I don’t even remember it’s the day that the show is airing. They get paid that salary and then create other little cute hobbies that they pretend are their businesses that they put on the show. Some of the fans complain that it seems like whenever you’re onscreen there’s always Skinnygirl behind you. Listen, if we go to Atlantic City, I’m bringing my booze. What I don’t usually do is just go out to lunch on a Tuesday.

It seems people are settling into who they are and what their lives are regardless of anyone else’s judgment or stereotype of it. Do you ever pay attention to the recaps and the fan reaction? If you can’t handle the truth, then you can’t handle me. But I have a business, so, as it should be, the show follows what I’m really doing. The same thing would happen if we went on a trip to South Beach and there were no cameras there. If you see us going out to lunch it’s a rarity, because I don’t really lunch as a verb.

Are we going to see more of your dating life this season? I don’t have that much of a dating life, that’s the unfortunate truth. I would like to eventually be really fully divorced. Yes, I do, but you can’t get too sucked in; otherwise, you’ll be worried about what people think. Some weeks you know you’re taking a hit, just like anything else. You’re going to be out there and be entertaining and be yourself, and if you’re true to yourself you’re going to take some hits. Typically speaking, if I say something in the moment people might say, “Oh my God, I can’t believe she said that.” You will always find out that if I stick the ingredients in that bowl and in that pan, what I tell you is coming out is coming out, just let it bake. How do you prepare for taking those hits when you know they’re coming? The show takes a toll on me, because it’s hard for me to have enough time to run my business as it is. So if you see me at my Skinnygirl protein-shake lunch that’s because that’s what I’m doing on that Tuesday.A judge recently ruled that you don’t have to pay spousal support to your ex anymore. You know, there’s a lot more to that puzzle than people will realize. Do you have party plans when this is done, or what? You don’t want to decorate the nursery until the baby comes, but I’m excited, just as excited as someone is excited to paint the nursery pink. Great, especially now that Sheree [Whitfield] is back, because I’ll go gangster. They don’t pretend and they don’t hold back their words. In the beginning you establish, Hi we’re all back here we are. But it can hurt, too, because if you rip somebody and say something negative it could hurt. Divorces on two-year marriages don’t normally take almost four years to get divorced. I don’t know many parties that would rival my divorce party, I’ll tell you that. My bar is in the Hamptons, it’s in a farmhouse, it’s very chill. And I love that because in that environment, I’d be a different animal. Was it easier to get back into the swing of things this second time around? So is there anything new or different about this upcoming season that we should be ready for? It’s always been real, but it’s not sensationalized. You can tell when people are being a little contrived or Housewifely.Some crazy stuff happens that you can’t even believe like, How is this happening right now? Like, You were so upset that you didn’t get invited to the fashion show or Oh my feelings got hurt — all that kind of BS. That’s the stuff that you say on television and not really you. Last season of Real Housewives of New York is one of my favorites because it was more about these women being single, and they’ve all started a second chapter rather than being actual housewives. It’s one of my favorite seasons despite the fact that I’m going to have to go into the witness-protection program.Eventually, Bethenny would return to a show that had been wracked with cast changes and sagging ratings. I watch before it airs when Bravo sends it to us a couple days before and that’s it. People bring up the quotes and things they remember.

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