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Last summer, with a short-term neighbor, I think I had a partner in a secret.

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On friday night I was in the basement working out on the machines my dad bought when the door open and my sister came down the stairs and told me her boyfriend was staying over. » Read more A few years back my wife caught me jacking off in the bathroom and a few other times. » Read more I think that one of the real defining moments in a person's life is when they eventually come to the point where they really, truely "own" their passion for self-pleasure.

Made her pretty angry, but she kind of just tolerated it. We had just built a new house and put in a master bathroom that had clear shower doors. » Read more I first saw her when I was 7 years old, and my parents purchased Sir Carol Reed's 1968 movie rendition of the musical "Oliver! No doubt, we all started out the same regarding masturbation; surprised, fascinated a...

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» Read more Right now I'm on a business trip, relaxing in my hotel room at the end of a long day. » Read more I love this site, as it allows us to relive many of our moments- this was one of my favorites, and I've still never forgotten it. Hotel shower fun with a beautiful stranger, both of us cumming together in the steamy hot shower next to the hotel exercise room- at a place neithe...

At this moment I am hard and turned on by these masturbation stories, I'm touching myself with an easy, slow, light stroke. As a lesbian my sexual experiences really began during our weekly school trips to the swimming pool.I took all my clothes off and laid on the long liquor cart that had carpet on it, this was to protect the glass bottles. » Read more For the last three months I have been working a contract for the government in a dusty country overseas. It's OK considering how much we get paid, I'm not complaining. » Read more One of my obsessions is tanning in the summer.Letting the stress of the rest of the year just melting in the sun and oil, while my wet, tan, shiny, oily and cummy body does the same.I had heard that when you got older, liquid would shoot out instead of just the thud, thud, thud of ...» Read more My boyfriend and I love sex but also playing solo, or masturbating with each other.This is just one of the many enjoyable times that we have had together.

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