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In GCC it’s possible to have weak and strong function attributes.

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Here is the GCC manual extract for the weak function attribute: weak The weak attribute causes the declaration to be emitted as a weak symbol rather than a global.

This is primarily useful in defining library functions that can be overridden in user code, though it can also be used with non-function declarations.

Here’s a quick bit of psuedo-code that does that: It is important to note in the psuedo-code that we’ve introduced cross-thread complications here.

It is only as I’m typing off the top of my head to find an example.

If we altered the library so that we had a callback for each character, we would end up with a lot of blank functions in the library (assuming in this case that the optimiser didn’t get rid of the calls! But if we do this with aliasing we can have a single blank function which all the weak symbols will resolve too: void on Key Blank(void) void on Key A() __attribute__((weak, alias("on Key Blank"))); void on Key B() __attribute__((weak, alias("on Key Blank"))); void on Key C() __attribute__((weak, alias("on Key Blank"))); void on Key D() __attribute__((weak, alias("on Key Blank"))); void on Key E() __attribute__((weak, alias("on Key Blank"))); void on Key F() __attribute__((weak, alias("on Key Blank"))); void on Key G() __attribute__((weak, alias("on Key Blank"))); /* ...

*/ void* Keyboard Scan Thread(void* args) As to the worth of this GCC extension, well that’s where you’ll have to do your own evaluation.

This is what the GCC manual has to say about the alias function attribute: defines `f’ to be a weak alias for `__f’.

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