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The third forum was held in Malta with 34 people representing 30 organisations "from all continents".

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Statements were made in the name of ILGA in the 19 sessions of the United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities and in the 1994 session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. allowing ILGA to attend UN conferences and events, submit written statements, make oral interventions, and host panels in UN buildings.

In 2005, it issued a press release stating that the election of Benedict XVI as Pope caused "hurt and pain" among LGBT people.

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Its membership was suspended until the next Annual Conference of ILGA in June 1995 when the matter could be dealt with in accordance to ILGA's constitution, namely, expulsion.

VSG left ILGA in April 1995 and in 1998 dissolved itself.These countries are 37% of the States in the United Nations.Of these 72 countries, thirty-three are in Africa, twenty-three are in Asia, eleven are in the Americas, and six in Oceania.However, the Executive Board has used its power under the constitution to set an alternative venue, in the event the venue originally set becomes unviable, as was the case in 2008, when the originally chosen venue of Quebec had to be abandoned due to difficulties encountered by the local organizing committee in raising the necessary funds and the conference had to be held in Vienna instead.The 2010 ILGA world conference took place in São Paulo, Brazil, the 2012 Conference took place in Stockholm, and the 2014 Conference took place in Mexico City.ILGA applied to have its consultative status reinstated in 2000, One of the issues of concern was whether it was possible to verify that links with NAMBLA had effectively been severed due to ILGA not publishing its organisation membership list given fears for the safety of members living in countries where homosexuality is still criminalised.

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