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(Those of you that aren't inclined toward the female form can look for the way they used a drop-cloth to fake most of the cream, or if you're really bored, try to find the seam where I pasted the two halves of the scanned image together).

A record like this could easily have sold a billion copies on the strength of the photography alone, but "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" actually has some pretty snappy music on it.

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Yet despite its inauthentic origin, the netherworld evoked by Alpert's trademark tone and irresistible melodies remains one of the most potent aural fantasies of its era.

In fact, he was the son of a Ukrainian-born Jewish tailor and not particularly fond of Mexican music.

() I can remember finding this album in a pile of records a friend gave me...soon as i saw the cover i thought wow that looks flash.

I put the record on and instantly took a liking to the james bondish guitar at the beginning of a taste of honey along with herbs mexican sounding intro i can remember listening through the headphones and being mesmerised at the stereophonic gem i was hearing and in awe at the shaving cream covered angel on the cover i played it over and over.

My dad often dropped the needle on "Whipped Cream" over and over again during family gatherings -- and when no one was around, I'd spend hours admiring the cover art, attempting to discern exactly where the whipped cream ended and the young model began.

You can do the same by clicking above for the extra hi-res version of the image. "A Taste of Honey" went Top 10, the title track appropriated for The Dating Game, and "Bittersweet Samba" eventually got mashed up with Public Enemy's "Rebel Without a Pause" to grand effect. 1965's South of the Border is where Alpert solidifies his borderland sound with tunes like "Mexican Shuffle" and "El Presidente." The culinary-themed (and titillatingly covered) Whipped Cream & Other Delights was Alpert's first chart-topper. features rollicking rides like "Tijuana Taxi" and "Spanish Flea," while What Now My Love and S. I made three resolutions, so download the one that fits your desktop: Download 640x480 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (110k ZIP File) Download 800x600 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (162k ZIP File) Download 1024x768 Whipped Cream Wallpaper (203k ZIP File) If you like music as a whole, reguardless if it's pop, rock, r & b, country, etc...would have Herb Alpert in your collection. I did have this record in my collection and played it to death.Like so may of you, I've got this LP, along with the remastered CD. I used to play Love Potion #9 when I undressed for my bath..I'm not even gay. But, what I did to that album cover wasn't gay at all. () I saw this picture at my cousins house and i didn't know it was an album cover untill i watch The Big Lebowski and i saw the cover as the Dude was looking threw some albums.Interestingly enough, all of my teachers looked at the record, and most of them admitted to owning a copy of it as well.

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