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@Ladislav's steps were a good starting point for me.It took a lot of monkeying around - after deleting all Emulator Images and Virtual Switches, then repairing the Emulator for Android installation - I stumbled on the likely cause of my problem being the Mi Fi unit.I think the root cause of the problem varies from machine to machine but seems to have something to do with how the Device Drivers of various network interfaces interact with the Hyper V system (by the way, I am running Windows 10; some things are bound to be slightly different than Windows 8).

I tried different configurations and noticed that if you disable the Ethernet Connection created automatically by windows (it has a description of Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device), the Emulators - Android and Windows Phone now agree to start.

I plan to do more digging but I noticed that Hyper V automatically creates virtual switches for all Bluetooth, Wi Fi and the main Ethernet port but not for the Mi Fi USB connection. i followed below steps to fix this, 1) Reset your PC.

However, I have managed to get the emulator running by doing the following.

Browse to the directory and open a command prompt then run with the xde arguments in your log minus the /nostart /silent commands.

Can't believe I overlooked it - but maybe someone else has overlooked it too and this helps!

If you Dont have it Installed there is Various ways of Running it (Though Bloom Wont work Without Half Life 2) A single player/multi player based game where you mess around with the characters to look what you want. my case, while Hyper-V had been installed, the Hyper-V Hypervisor (under Hyper-V Platform) had not been installed.I installed it, re-started, and suddenly the issue was resolved.Anyhow, for me the solution was to enable hypervisor startup at boot time using BCDEDIT.In an admin console enter: I ran into the same problem.First, go to Task Manager and kill any running XDE processes.

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