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He was buried three days later in a municipal cemetery in Freiburg (now Świebodzice) to much public mourning.

The brand was created in 1899, and in 1930 it merged with Junghans, a large clockmaker in Schramberg, Baden-Württemberg, in southwestern Germany.

Becker came back to Silesia in 1845, and got married.

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Reminiscent of the popular Regulator style pendulum. Starting from fairly simple clocks, the clocks became complex and very. The serial number is 151198 which would date this clock to around 1876.

The Gustav Becker Weight Driven Grandfather Clock with the serial 1823226 has an estimated value on the secondary retail market for an of average of. Gustav Becker (1819-1885) was a dedicated and successful German clockmaker. certain this is because of confusion about dating serial numbers for Beckers clocks. But alas, thats why weve made this beautiful antique clock. Antique Gustav Becker High quality 2 weight Vienna Regulator wall clock 1904. What happened to the web site about the Gustav Becker clocks, dating them by their serial number? GRANDE SONNERIE WALL CLOCK MADE BY GUSTAV BECKER IN SILESEA, GERMANY, SERIAL 119206, CIRCA 1875. GUSTAV BECKER MONTH DURATION VIENNA REGULATOR WALL. In the 1860s, he began to create the Classical Gustav Becker clocks. Nice Antique 1876 Gustav Becker Vienna Regulator clock for your buying.

His great skills gave him the ability to fix clocks at the most intricate level.

During his time in Vienna, he decided to start his own clock factory.

Crowds were drawn to his works because of the quality, and he was awarded the gold medal for the best clock in the fair.

In 1854 he received large orders from the British Royal Mail, and the Silesian Telegraphy Centre.

After the orders, he received a fortune from the Duke of Martibore, and with this money he could pay enough to make clock cases for train stations.

In the 1860s, he began to create the Classical Gustav Becker clocks.

Identification of clockwatch models and makers and when they were made.. Figure 23 Front and back plates of a Gustav Becker Schablonenuhren.

Find great deals on e Bay for Gustav Becker in Pre-1900 Wall Clocks. Gustav Eduard Becker was a German clockmaker and founder of the brand Gustav Becker..

During the 1880s, the Black Forest clockmakers began competing with Becker, with good quality, less-expensive models.

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