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- "The Dream of Rhonabwy," last of the Mabinogion tales to be completed, takes place in the time of the historical character, Madawg, son of Maredudd, king of Powys, who died in 1159.Tale refers to Arthur as Emperor, and compares glories of his legendary kingdom with hardships of twelfth century Wales.A writer, known as the monk of Ursicampum, enlarged the chronicle of Siegebert of Gembloux and raised, perhaps for the first time, the possibility that King Arthur may have been the historical British king Riothamus.

- William of Newburgh writes "Historia Rerum Anglicarum," a history of Britain beginning with the Conquest of 1066.

The preface, however, tries to place Arthur in a historical context and uses the works of Gildas and Bede to harshly criticize Geoffrey of Monmouth's claims for him, concluding that Arthur and Merlin are fictitious.

Thus to make a delectable tune to your ear, history goes masking as fable.

- Chretien de Troyes, the greatest of the medieval romance writers, makes his five contributions to the Arthurian cycle during this period.

The story, as told by Beroul, is connected with the mainstream of Arthurian legend through its chief antagonist, King Mark of Cornwall. Samson in Cornwall, as the wedding place of Mark and Yseult, provides some basis for localizing the legend around the area of Fowey.

Dating of "Roman de Tristan" is somewhat uncertain and may have been written a few years later.

They have been noised about this mighty realm for so great a space that the truth has turned to fable and an idle song.

Such rhymes are neither sheer bare lies, nor gospel truths.

These interpolations were produced with the idea of supporting Glastonbury Abbey's connections with certain legendary characters (e.g. His work would be used as the standard text on British history for the next 600 years.

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