Grand theft auto iv dating michelle

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Michelle seems interested in Niko, and invites you to give her a call sometime.

Afterwards, Niko calls Roman to tell him about his date, and asks for some advice on clothes.

Niko's cousin, Roman, brought Niko to Liberty City with a bunch of false promises.

He claimed to be living there with lots of money, sports cars, women and a mansion.

The driving school on the map looks like a J ish shape and it is gray with some white spots on it.

Drive the perimeter of the area until you find a parking lot with a door to a building that you can walk in.Niko is less than impressed with the mansion, to say the very least.Roman has to leave after a quick chat with Niko, but invites him to meet him later at the taxi find her in the driving school in san fierro if she is not there come back another time.She likes fat people with muscles and likes dates at a bar she drives a monster truck.Access the menu on the cellphone and call Roman to warn him.

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