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We all recognize the importance of, for example, occupational safety regulations, food safety regulations, and regulation over the substances that people choose to put in their bodies.

Unsurprisingly, research has shown that attractive men and women have a serious advantage in choice of sexual partner – they get their pick of the litter far more easily than less attractive people.

Men have a strong preference for dating beautiful women, and women have a strong preference for dating wealthy men.

How can we stand by while so many people are unhappy with the quality and quantity of romance in their lives?

How can we justify the veritable anarchy that is the dating world when we accept government regulation in so many other areas of our lives that are deeply personal and important?

If this isn’t proof that central planning works, I don’t know what is. There is a lot of lying, misrepresentation, and general attempts to mislead others under dating anarchy.

It is nearly a universal phenomenon that people will attempt to portray themselves in as positive a light as they can when dating, and to hide their negative qualities. Consider men who will claim they are making significantly more money than they actually are, and women who wear makeup and dress in such ways to cover up their faults while accentuating their positive qualities.

That’s why government regulation of the dating market is long overdue.

Few “industries” have been as responsible for such a massive scale of suffering as the anarchy that is the dating world.

For starters, there will need to be a new office created under the Department of Health and Human Services tasked with writing and enforcing the relevant rules.

This office (let’s call it the National Dating Bureau, or NDB) will be responsible for maintaining a database of all those Americans who are registered to date in this country.

This is fairly new territory for the government, and legal minds better than mine will be far more capable of hammering out the details and plugging the loopholes.

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