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My husband and I are Christians and our neighbors are Orthodox Jewish.Sometimes on any given Saturday, our neighbors knock on our door and ask us to turn on the air conditioning, etc.

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Almost all of the Jews of Denmark survived the war, while those in almost every other Nazi-occupied nation had their ranks decimated.

In September 1943, the Nazis decided to deport all Danish Jews to the death camps -- but overnight a rescue organization was established and Danes from all walks of life helped to ferry some 6,000 Jews to safety in Sweden.

(Mishnah Berurah 3-24) They certainly do not consider you inferior.

Rather it is simple pragmatics: they are obligated in observing Shabbat laws that you are not.

You are describing a phenomenon which is colloquially called a “Shabbos Goy.” In essence, your neighbors should not be asking you to do things for them, which they themselves are not allowed to do on Shabbat.

This is a Talmudic principle, as derived from the Torah which states that on Shabbat, "creative activity should not BE DONE for you" - i.e. The only exceptions are: when there is a commandment to be fulfilled, great monetary loss, or a health-related situation.Why is it okay for them to ask us to "work" during their Sabbath?Do they then consider us inferior because we are doing these neighborly favors?In 1933, King Christian X of Denmark attended the 100th anniversary celebration of a synagogue in Copenhagen, to demonstrate his solidarity with the Jews.During the Holocaust, King Christian served as a rare example of refusal to cooperate in the murder of Jews.We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

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