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Being and the good are, then, objectively the same, every being is good, every good is being.Our concepts, being and good differ formally: the first simply denotes existence ; the second, existence as a perfection, or the power of contributing to the perfection of a being.That is to say, it is good because it is an efficient means to obtain a desired result.

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This distinction which is clearly marked in French by the two different terms, bon and le bien , may be preserved in English by prefixing an article to the term when it is employed substantively.

We call a tool or instrument good, if it serves the purpose for which it is intended.

The Supreme Good imparts to the intellect the power to perceive, and gives intelligibility to the intelligible. God, the essential and supreme Good, can impart nothing that is not good.

This view leads to the inference that the origin of evil lies beyond the control of God.

The speculations of Plato and Aristotle, especially have had a notable influence on Christian thought; they were adopted, in eclectic fashion, by the early Fathers, who combined many of the ancient philosophic ideas with revealed truth, by correcting some and amplifying others.

The synthesis was carried on by the earlier Scholastics, and took definitive form from the hand of St. Some of his predecessors, as well as some of his followers, disagree with him on a few minor points, most of which, however, are of a character too subtle to call for attention in this article. Thomas in outline as the approved teaching of our schools.Their goodness then, is something distinct from, and added to, their proper essences or being.What, in Plato's mind, is the nature of this participation we need not explain further than that he makes it consist in this, that the thing is a copy or imitation of the idea.This sovereign idea, the Good, is identical with God.It is not a synthesis of all other ideas but is unique, transcendent, and individual.Whether Plato held that other ideas exist in God as in their proper dwelling-place is not quite clear.

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