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He is associated with Isis, Vishnu and Dionysus, as the symbol of new life.

Haik - a king, but in legend the father of Armenia.

The Armenian gods were still centered on the worship of the sun, but by the Urartian period, they resembled Mesopotamian and Egyptian deities based on animal-human combinations.

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The first god in Armenia was one of the languages first sounds, AR, which means sun or light.

20,000-15,000 BC inscriptions in the Geghama Mountain Range. 8500 BCE show symbols associated with astronomy, giving them a god like prominence: the sun, moon, and constellations were thought to be deities in themselves, and astral occurrences such as an eclipse or a comet were considered communication from the gods.

By the 5th millennium BC, Ancestral Armenians combined sun worship with sophisticated astronomy.

At first resembling fish (dragons in Armenian were thought to be huge fishlike creatures, something like a cross between a whale and a gigantic squid), the monolithic stones were later carved with snakes, the heads of beasts, swastikas and crosses.

Around 3000 BC, Ancestral Armenians had created a specific iconography and pantheon of the gods.They are now credited with assigning the constellations of the zodiac their design and names, and creating one of the first solar calendars based on 365 days in the year.Also around the 5th millennium BC a series of Vishaps (Dragon Stones) began to be erected on mountainsides throughout Armenia, near water sources.Early symbols for gods are closely connected with astral symbols.The first use of the sacred swastika and cross are found in ca.AR-AR being a plural form or all encompassing god; AT being an archaic version of the Armenian word hat, which means a piece of.

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