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There are pockets especially designed for everything a guy on the go - from protecting his laptop to a quick-draw compartment for his gun, if needed.

SHOT SHOW 2018: 8 NEW TACTICAL GUNS REVEALED The Double Tap is a great color for a tactical professional that blends into regular life and urban terrain, but the black, sandstone, and OD trail all look great too.

Sexy lingerie is fast becoming the favourite Valentine's Day – a gift that keeps on giving.

A pair of sexy knickers can set a man back less than £5, and a set of designer lingerie can be picked up for around £25 - they all last much longer than wilting roses.

Why not get him ones that don’t just look great, but are hugely popular with the elite warriors such as U. These MAGNUM Z’s from Gatorz will protect his eyes not just from the sun in style with 100 UV protection– but help protect him from things flying around at high velocities.

Designed with warriors in mind, the Magnum features a high impact resistant polycarbonate lens.

Perfect solution for a guy whose style incorporates rocking some man jewelry, because unlike metal rings they will always seamlessly integrate into all his daily adventures from running, lifting and climbing through to hunting, shooting, scuba diving and more.

You can customize them for an utterly unique gift for him too. Then he will absolutely love this as his “doing stuff” wedding ring.

COOL TECH CONVERTS DIRT BIKES FOR JASON BOURNE-LIKE SNOW SUPREMACY These sunglasses have that “modern gladiator” look as seen in popular movies like “Lone Survivor” and “Zero Dark Thirty.” SEALs do wear them in real life and the Gatroz Magnum is an extremely popular style.

While he may not need special operations features like matte surfaces, he will appreciate the ultra-high performance for anything he does outdoors from shooting at the range through to kayaking.

For longer adventures, you could opt for the Realtree Max 5 Camo Pod, which carries 24 beers comfortably.

MSRP for the Realtree Max 5 Camo Podster is on Valentine’s Day sale, reduced to 0.99 from 9.99. GATORZ – MAGNUM Z Sunglasses are always a classic choice.

The Podster is a hybrid of two essentials: backpack and ice cold beer for days.

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