German dating phrases

/ That TV screen is made from a high-end modern glass. Correct: I covered my nose when I walked past the noisome dump.

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[Note: Pinker considers its contemporary roots as a pejorative term by American and British conservatives, not its more casual use as meaning inoffensive.] Correct: "The theory that little boys fight because of the way they have been socialized is the politically correct one." / Williamsburg is the trendy place to live in Brooklyn.

• Practicable means easily put into practice and does not mean practical.

• Flaunt means to show off and does not mean to flout.

Correct: "She flaunted her abs." / "She flouted the rules." • Flounder means to flop around ineffectually and does not mean to founder or to sink to the bottom.

• Literally means in actual fact and does not mean figuratively.

Correct: I didn't mean for you to literally run over here.

• Parameter means a variable and does not mean a boundary condition, a limit.

Correct: The forecast is based on parameters like inflation and interest rates. • Phenomena is a plural count noun — not a mass noun.

Correct: His opportunism brought him to the head of the company.

/ The party ran on promoting economic opportunities for the middle class.

Correct: His French was practicable in his job, which required frequent trips to Paris./ Learning French before taking the job was a practical decision.

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